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WolfheriLSKY replied to AGQN_E01_P003 _EN

French Version: AGQN_E01_P003_FR

Took time to come but…

I do really want to “find” other wall images :D

Jul 17, 2017

WolfheriLSKY replied to AGQN_E01_P002 _EN

French version: AGQN_E01_P002_FR

I think the character/background interaction and the light effect can be better but i continue to work on it…

Also working on the hair, funny that - for me - the fur is better done than the hair!

I was afraid not but finally, the posters were also very amusing to draw.

Jun 2, 2017

WolfheriLSKY replied to AGQN_E01_P001 _EN

French version: AGQN_E01P001_FR

First page, and one of my first colorizing (this is my first colorized complete page). Some improvement possibilities here:

  • Sky and clouds.

  • Fur, the most intricating part of them all…

  • The “pseudo-inking”.

Feb 13, 2017